244 West 54th Street, Suite 705
New York, NY  10019
Complimentary Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
served before all games
Monday- Sunday Afternoons, 12:30 PM
Friday mini-lesson, 12:10 PM (begins 8/1
Monday - Thursday Evenings, 6:30 PM
Friday Evenings 7:00 PM                          

Non-Life Master Games
& Thursday 9:15 AM

Supervised Play
Tuesday Morning 9:15 AM
Tuesday Evening 6:30 PM
(as of 7/29)

Intermediate Lessons:
Thursday Morning 9:15 AM
(as of 7/31)
Join us for
Sunday's French
Toast Brunch
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Events on the left
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Join Us for Silver
-3, games at
12:30 and 7:00 PM
all weekend long
Beginning the week of July 28th,
Tuesday evenings
Supervised play
at 6:30 PM and our first ever
intermediate bridge lesson on
Thursdays at 9:15 AM, please click
"Lessons" button at upper left for
more information
Friday Mini-Lessons Begin August 1st
Starting Friday, August 1st all Friday
afternoon games will be preceded by a mini
lesson, geared toward both intermediate
and advanced players. Handouts are
provided which you can save to create your
very own bridge lesson book. Lecture begins
at 12:10 PM and will be given by National
Champion and Aces Expert, Aaron
Silverstein. This lesson is complimentary
with the afternoon game.
We look forward to having you.
The Only Evening Games on the West Side
are at Aces Bridge Club

Did you know that as of Thursday, July 24th, Aces
will host the only evening bridge game on the
West Side?  Help us make it fun, huge and
fantastic.  We want to be the place where
everyone feels at home and can experience
relaxed yet competitive bridge with delicious food
and snacks.  Help us make that happen and join
us Thursday evening at 6:30 PM (with Anne
Mittman) and every other week day evening at
6:30, Fridays at 7:00 PM (with Bill Begert).
Schedule & Pricing:
$5 (complimentary with Fri game)



Special Guest Lecturer,
David Berkowitz,
Renowned World &
National Champion,
Friday, August 15th at
11:45 AM,
complimentary when
playing in the Friday
12:30 PM Game
Save the
15th at
11:45 AM